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Feature Flagging with LaunchDarkly and Visual Studio Code

How we actually implement LaunchDarkly "in code" is at the heart of Developer Experience, and thats Brian Rinaldi ( focuses on every day at LaunchDarkly as a Developer Experience Engineer! In this video, Brian takes us through a tour of using the LaunchDarkly integration with Visual Studio code, as part of Microsoft Build 2022! Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 00:12 - Who am I? 00:45 - What are feature flags? 01:00 - Basic Server-side Flag 01:15 - Basic Client-side Flag 01:38 - More than just booleans... 02:01 - Improve your development workflow 04:18 - Example of using feature flags within an application 05:30 - Adding a feature flag to the application 06:55 - Setting up LaunchDarkly 07:55 - Creating a new environment 08:10 - Connect application to environment 08:45 - Create flag that is Show Feature 09:25 - Start using LaunchDarkly in the application 09:53 - Initialize the SDK client 10:12 - Replace hard coded flag with LaunchDarkly flag 10:55 - Results 11:14 - Turn Show Feature flag on 11:43 - Working within Visual Studio Code 12:10 - Configure Visual Studio Code 14:04 - Resources 15:12 - Questions #LaunchDarkly #VisualStudioCode #FeatureManagement #FeatureFlags #msbuild Subscribe to LaunchDarkly: Learn more about LaunchDarkly: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: About LaunchDarkly: Feature management allows development teams to innovate faster by fundamentally transforming how software is delivered to customers. With the ability to gradually release new software features to any segment of users on any platform, DevOps teams can standardize safe releases at scale, accelerate their journey to the cloud and collaborate more effectively with business teams. Today, LaunchDarkly deploys peaks of 20 trillion feature flags each day, and that number continues to grow. Founded in 2014 in Oakland, California by Edith Harbaugh and John Kodumal, LaunchDarkly has been named on the Forbes Cloud 100 list, InfoWorld’s 2021 Technology of the Year list, and the Enterprise Tech 30 list.