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A Tale of Three Digital Transformations

This talk will cover my experiences at Maritz and Nestle Purina, both places where I advocated to bring LaunchDarkly into the business and as part of our product stack.

At Maritz, we used LaunchDarkly to aid in our shift from 20-year old monolithic, legacy technology to microservices. We designed LaunchDarkly so that we could provide entitlements to our base of clients who were in need of loyalty, recognition, and incentive programs.

At Nestle Purina, we are using LaunchDarkly in PetFinder, a pet finding platform, and Just Right, our customized DTC dog food offering. Our hope is to leverage LD for both experimentation and personalized journeys.

My role in both of these instances was between the lines of product and analytics. I lead our product and marketing analytics team, which includes understanding how we attract new users, engage them through rich experiences, and retain them for the long-term, with an eye towards lifetime value. I'll share a few examples for how LD fits into that overall vision.