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Webinar: Think Like a High-Performing Engineering Team with Gene Kim

Software powers the world, and it’s evolving fast. Yet, companies can struggle with optimizing their software products because of outdated systems and processes– some of which have existed for decades (shoutout to all those developers still transferring code with 3.5-inch floppies!) 

In his upcoming book, Gene Kim explores traits of high-performing teams over time and across industries, to provide insights into how companies can remain competitive in changing markets.  

Join Cody De Arkland, Director of Developer Relations at LaunchDarkly, for a conversation with Gene about his recent learnings and how they relate to engineering.  Plus, explore his best practices for adapting to change (even in slow-moving, highly-regulated industries).

In this session, we’ll discuss: 

  • Common traits and metrics that matter for high-performance engineering teams 
  • The correlation between release management and engineering performance
  • Strategies for introducing modern development practices